Old furniture waste removal services

Removal of old furniture, removal of construction debris, utilization of furniture in Tallinn. Workers help dispose of rubbish in containers. Waste permit reg. No: L.JÄ / 333085.
Old furniture removal is an on-demand service for having just about any type of furniture removed from your home or business.

What to do with old furniture?

Old furniture belongs to large garbage, which due to its size cannot be placed in a garbage container. Of course, the furniture can be left aside in the container, but in this case the holder of the rubbish, who may be, for example, an apartment association, must order the removal of the rubbish within three calendar days.

If you are ready to get rid of old furniture and do not want to solve the issue of its transportation yourself, you can use our removal service. All you have to do is call and agree on the time and cost.

» Sections and cabinets (wardrobes, display cabinets, sideboards, shoe cabinets).
» Chests of drawers, chairs and tables (TV tables, coffee tables, office tables).
» Wall hangings, garden furniture.
» Everything related to untreated and treated wood furniture.
» Old office furniture.

Removal of old firnutire and junk from office or home to the waste station.

It’s time to clean up if you want to throw away all your old stuff from home or the office.
Over time, it involves a variety of wastes, often large and heavy, which take up a lot of space and do nothing at first glance. Not to mention a smaller type of waste.

The thought of this can be a real problem – how, where and what to do with old cola?

Do not worry. We offer a removal and disposal service for a waste station. Our team will arrive, dismantle if necessary, collect all the stuff, store it in the car and dispose of it at the waste station. Fast and worry-free service.


How is the service calculated?

There are two prices for utilisation

  • Our hourly rate, for example with two workers from 48 eur (within a working week), the price includes VAT, two movers and a car. Time calculation to the nearest quarter of an hour. The working hours start when the movers come to the Customer’s address and end when all the items to be disposed of have been discarded and the waste station invoice has been received.
  • Each waste station charges money for disposal. The price depends on what exactly is thrown away. For example – dismantled old furniture and sofas. At the waste station, it is called “Large Waste” with a price of up to 30 euros per 1 m³.
    The service station operator evaluates and measures the quantity in the car, the length, width and height of the obtained quantity are multiplied by each other, so the amount of cubic meter is obtained and then multiplied by the price of “Large Waste”, ie up to 30 euros
    In total, the total cost of the service is: hourly fee + waste station bill

How is the amount of waste calculated at the waste station?

  • By weight:
    • Construction and demolition waste 72.00 eur per ton VAT
    • Municipal waste 78.00 eur per ton with VAT
    • Mixed waste 90.00 eur per ton with VAT
  • M³ per cubic meter (object length times height times width), then multiplied by the price of the discarded object category. Common categories:
    • Mixed construction and demolition waste up to 30 eur / m³
    • Large waste (unusable furniture) up to 30 eur / m³
    • Processed wood up to 30 eur / m³

What can be disposed of free of charge at no extra charge?

  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Metals
  • Paper and cardboard


  • We always offer our customers to come to the waste station with us, because utilization is half as cheap for private individuals and Tallinn residents. For example, for us as a company, the utilization of 1 piece of old furniture is about 30 eur, but for a private individual it is 20 eur, and for a private individual it is about 30% cheaper to utilize.
  • Sort waste separately, sorted waste is cheaper than mixed waste. Separate packaging, separate wood, separate demolition waste, etc.
  • Always disassemble the furniture into pieces, the volume of disassembled furniture is smaller than the whole cabinet. There is no point in paying for the contents of an empty cabinet.
  • If the furniture is in good condition and usable, we can always transport it to the Recycling Center, it will be cheaper than paying for disposal. Before visiting www.uuskasutuskeskus.ee, you must contact them and receive confirmation of receipt of the furniture