Home delivery of heavy things

Home delivery of heavy and large things to the floor.

Uksest Ukseni üheks valdkonnaks on mööblivedu, ehitusmaterjalide ja kaubavedu eraisikutele ja äriklientidele koos peale ja mahatõstmisega korrusele. Sammuti pakume lihtsalt tõsteteenust objektidele või otse tuppa.

What we offer?

When making a large, heavy or bulky purchase from a store, the question often arises of delivering it home and not only offering a transport service but also lifting it to the floor and taking it to the room.

Unfortunately, not all stores provide a delivery service or only offer transport in front of the door.

What’s worse is that all stores work with delivery companies like Omniva, DPD and other similar courier companies that can only deliver goods to the door on an unsuitable day and time interval of several hours, which is very inconvenient and certainly cannot be called full service.

Benefits of home delivery
Full service. We organize ourselves, we agree where we should pick up the goods, we deliver them on time, we lift them into the room – everyone is happy

We transport larger items and take them to the room – sofas, home appliances, home furnishings, plumbing, furniture, building materials and other purchases that require home delivery. We cooperate with larger e-shops such as www.kaup24.ee

Heavy and large..

Home delivery of a large, heavy or bulky purchase to the Customer’s place of residence, which will be indicated at a time and time convenient for you with delivery to the room.

We offer this service in a fast time, at a time convenient for you and without any additional worries – we will deliver your purchases to your home, lift you directly to the floor and, if necessary, assist with installation so that you can use the purchase without unnecessary difficulties.